Detox and Flush to Lower THC Levels for Drug Tests

True that some states in the USA and quite a lot of countries all over the world have legalized the use of marijuana. However, most counties don’t recognize it as safe. Moreover, some laws even in the former set of nations are quite stringent when it comes to the use of cannabis in formal settings.

The biggest validation of having marijuana in your system is when your blood and urine depicts hints of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Not only does it stand in your way of legalities, but it also paves way for further deterioration of your internal organs due to constant toxic exposure.

Why is it important to get rid of THC toxins from the body?

A recent study published in Sweden by researchers Johansson and Halldin MM brought to light that traces of THC can be found in one’s blood and urine for as long as 4 weeks of abstinence. This goes on to say that one could fall into trouble for consuming marijuana in states where it isn’t yet legal even after discontinued use of cannabis.

Not only that, a study conducted in Baltimore by Karschner EL et al. proved that cannabis can be detected in one’s blood even after 3-4 weeks. Many laws and regulations regarding the consumption and smoking of marijuana classify it under drug consumption. Most of these laws have declared it unfit to clear certain job screenings and driving tests too.

How does IR work to detoxify your system from THC remains?

When you expose yourself to these infrared rays, they penetrate 3 inches deep into your skin thereby cleaning you of any toxicity there might be. Your body responds to this by sweating profusely under 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit moderate temperature of the infrared rays.

When your body temperature rises, the THC stored in the fat cells is let out into your blood plasma thereby raising the THC levels in the blood. This THC is then released out of your body via the excessive sweating due to the infrared rays.

Another way of bringing out THC from the stored fat cells is to increase your body;s metabolism. Exercise also plays a major role in increasing the THC levels in your blood, thereby making infrared sauna much more effective.

In addition to this, IR sauna therapy also sanitizes your blood from any other toxins that there might be than THC. Infrared detox works wonders for your health in the long run. It improves immunity, decreases chronic fatigue and lethargy, reduces the onset of auto-immune disorders, and enhances the overall good health of your body.

Summing it up:

Although there are multiple advantages to using IR sauna therapy, this is one of the best advantages one can come across. Recent studies have proved that marijuana isn't as harmful to health as popular belief goes. In fact, it is quite the opposite. But until the global laws recognize this, it is still a considerable issue.

Infrared sauna is the best alternative to get rid of THC remains since it is quick, efficient, and poses absolutely no side effects. So, if you are looking to get rid of THC even after a couple of weeks have passed since you last consumed cannabis, consider getting an IR sauna. This becomes even more important if you are a regular consumer.

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