Life Extension

A clear majority of us know of plenty of different techniques to help prolong our life and its quality in the long run. However, almost all of us are quite unaware of the wonders infrared radiation sauna has in store for us. Let’s find out.

What are the benefits of regularly using Infrared radiation?

Although infrared sauna has not found its way into the mainstream forms of treatment yet, there is nothing denying the fact that it is quite useful and effective. This technique helps get your overall health in shape by increasing the quality of your life.

· It increases blood circulation thereby reducing blood pressure.

· Conditions like hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, and liver disorders are kept at bay.

· Your skin becomes clearer, firmer, and devoid of acne and signs of ageing

· infrared sauna, if used correctly, works wonders in maintaining your ideal body weight.

· The rate of metabolism is enhanced considerably, helping you shed the extra fat and flab.

· It detoxifies your system, improves immunity, and strengthens your body to a large extent.

Not only that, it is safe, effective, and quite a practical form of treatment. There are little to no known side effects occurring due to using infrared sauna. The infrared radiation you expose your body to in such a sauna raises the temperature of your body making you sweat out toxins and other harmful substances from your system.

How does it help prolong life?

As per Dr. Oz, since infrared sauna increases your metabolism, it makes you shed as much as 700 calories in a single sitting session. There is absolutely no physical effort involved apart from the profuse sweating. Since radiation heat is used in infrared sauna instead of convection heat, such sessions also induce calm and relaxation in your mind and body.

A recent study conducted in Harvard Medical School proved that people who frequently underwent infrared sauna sessions had a better chance at life than the ones who didn’t. as per the research, 51% of people who used infrared sauna once a week survived. 62% of those who went 2-3 times a week, and 69% of those who went 4-7 times every week survived.

This goes on to explain that infrared sauna is effective not only in increasing the extent of your life, but also for improving the quality of it. However, this technique only works if you subject yourself to it at least 3-4 times a week for a few minutes in each session. The beneficial effects of infrared sauna will slowly manifest themselves gradually in due course of time.

Summing it up:

Choosing to use infrared sauna is nothing but wise. However, you shouldn’t completely rely only on infrared sauna to help meet your needs. Back it up with a good lifestyle, healthy eating habits, an active and fit body, and an ideal sleeping schedule.

Stay away from stress and anxiety as much as you can by practising meditation. When you combine all these, the results will come out much stronger and longer-lasting than just by using infrared sauna alone.

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