Increased Body Temperature Improves Immune System

We all know that raising the temperate of the body is our immune system’s response to fight off bacterial or viral infections and other foreign invaders that tend to disrupt its smooth functioning. This goes on to say that an increased body temperature is quite effective in dealing with the toxic and lethal constituents in our system.

When the core temperature of our body rises, it leads to the downfall of many infections and disease that take birth and flourish in much cooler temperatures, even in our bodies.

Does increased body temperature influence the immune system? How?

Plenty of studies conducted by professionals worldwide on the effects of an increased temperature on the body’s immunity have reached quite a common ground. It has been proved that increasing the body's core temperature by 18 degrees Fahrenheit works greatly in regards to improving the immune system.

If this habit is kept up and one continues to raise their body's temperature as a daily treatment, the immune system is strengthened by 30% in the long run. And the best way to use this technique of raising body temperature is infrared sauna.

Infrared sauna is safe, effective, inexpensive, and much less time consuming than any other method. There are little to no side-effects of infrared sauna on the health of the body.

In addition to that, infrared sauna promotes a good overall health of your body if you make it a habit out of choice. Unlike other harmful and short-term health treatments, infrared sauna is pretty reliable and comes with the best long-term consequences of good health.

Why is a low body temperature not advisable for good health?

When our body's temperature falls, the fluids within our system become too viscous to move around., thereby accumulating n the same spot. Instead of washing away the toxins, our body starts hosting them. This may lead to diseases and infections.

Even in conditions of mild hypothermia, our bodies become an excellent breeding ground for bacterial and viral infections. Due to the ideal temperature for these foreign invaders, the acidity of the stomach drops making it even convenient to spread the infection.

If left unaddressed, the vital organs of the body cannot continue to function at their ideal best. Also, if the cold sets in, the body’s immunity is more likely to drop making it vulnerable to viral, bacterial, fungal, and opportunistic infections too.

In diseases such as cancer and fibromyalgia, the body is generally cold, never turning back to its warmer state. This only fuels the diseased condition accelerating its progress and slowing down the rate of improvement of the body’s system.

Summing it up:

Having said that, using this technique may not be pretty simple and easy for some. You will sweat profusely and may even feel uncomfortable in the first few sessions but it only gets better. Within a few weeks, your body will start feeling better due to infrared sauna both on the inside as well as on the outside.

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