-What is the difference between infrared saunas and traditional hot rock saunas?

Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate the body to heat your core temperature to around 103 degrees. The air temperature around you only heats to 120-140 degrees making it a more comfortable, relaxing heat in which to sit.

Traditional hot rock saunas heat the air temperature to approximately 180 degrees making it a much harsher environment to breathe and relax in. Traditional saunas do not allow the body to sweat on as deep of a level as infrared saunas, therefore only expelling 3% toxins vs. 20% with infrared.

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention and regular use has a cumulative effect on the body. See more on the benefits of infrared sauna therapy by clicking here.

+How long are sessions?

Sessions are 40 mins long and are booked on the hour. You may add an additional 5-10 minutes to your session for a small additional cost.

+How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call our studio directly at 702-655-8828 or you can book through our website by clicking here. Walk-ins are also welcome.

+What do I wear to sauna?

We recommend wearing a swimsuit or something loose and comfortable. We provide towels to sit on or wrap yourself in if you prefer to sauna nude.

+Are your saunas private?

Yes, our saunas are all within individual sauna suites for your personal, quiet enjoyment. You can request a 1-2 person sauna or larger when scheduling your appointment. Suites are equipped with an HD TV with DirecTV programming, magazines, mirror and storage area for personal items. The saunas themselves are equipped with an AM/FM radio with MP3/iPod connector.

+Can more than one person sauna at a time?

Yes, all of our saunas can accommodate up to 2 people comfortably at one time. We have one large sauna that can accommodate up to 4 people. When you book your appointment please be sure to indicate that someone will be joining you. The cost for a guest to join your session is $20.

+How many calories can I burn in a weight loss session? Will I continue to burn calories after my session?

Individual sauna weight loss sessions can result in a burn of up to 600 calories. As your body continues to work to cool itself down, the heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate will continue to increase resulting of in a burn of more calories.

+Will I sweat a lot?

Sweating is good for you. It’s one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Our saunas are specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat. You may not experience sweating right away during your session, however, once you’ve begun a sauna regimen your body will acclimate and you will experience a regular detoxifying sweat.

Also keep in mind that the more hydrated you are the more you will sweat, so drink plenty of hydrating fluids before and after your treatment.

+How long will it take for my core temperature to cool down after a session?

It can take up to an hour for your body to fully cool; this is a normal part of the body’s recovery process.

+How soon will I see or feel results?

It takes everyone a few sessions before their body acclimates to the infrared heat allowing their pores to open and begin the deep detoxification process. We recommend that you come at least twice per week to fully experience the health benefits associated with infrared sauna therapy.

+How often should I sauna?

The more you sauna the faster you will see results and the better you will feel. We recommend coming at least twice a week. If you’re targeting weight loss we recommend a more aggressive regimen that involves coming 4-5 times per week. Added benefits and additional weight loss can be achieved when you sauna immediately following a work out.

+Do you provide showers?

No, and we encourage you to wait to shower while your body cools down and continues to expel toxins. We provide you with a bath towel and cool damp eucalyptus infused hand towel to wipe down with after your session so that you leave feeling clean and refreshed.

+Do you provide water?

Yes, we provide a bottle of purified drinking water along with an electrolyte mix to help rehydrate your body. Feel free to bring your own aluminum water bottle for use inside your sauna. We ask that you do not take plastic water bottles or cups in the saunas for your own health and protection.

+Are the saunas sanitary?

Yes! We thoroughly clean the suites and saunas after each appointment. The infrared light that the saunas emit kill air-born germs, bacteria, and fungus within the saunas. We provide clean towels and bath mats with each sauna use.

+What are the cancellation and no-show policies, or what if I am running late?

We ask that you cancel your appointment at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled time by calling the studio directly or through the website. Cancellations received within two hours of an appointment time and no-shows will be billed for the full session. If you are running late we ask that you call and reschedule or the minutes that you are late will be deducted from your session time if there is an appointment scheduled immediately following yours.

+Sauna Etiquette

  • Arrive to your appointment on time.
  • Ensure your body is free of excess oils, lotions and perfume before coming to sauna.
  • Do not apply oils, lotions or any other products (other than approved sauna creams) prior to using the sauna.
  • Be courteous when speaking in your sauna suite as there will be other guests relaxing in our facility.
  • Do not bring plastic water bottles into the sauna for your own health and protection. Aluminum water bottles are safe to use.
  • Be mindful of where you place your jewelry and valuables when in your suite. We provide small trays for jewelry, but are not responsible for lost items.
  • Leave your towels where they are when your session is done. We will happily collect them when we clean the sauna/suite.